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The chairman of the Sacramento GOP decided to put up pretty offensive images on their website. These included an image of Barack Obama in a turban, next to Osama Bin Laden. The caption? "The only difference between Osama and Obama is a little B.S." and "Waterboard Barack Obama."

WATERBOARD him? A public official (also a lawyer) is calling for TORTURE of a presidential candidate?

This is beyond ugly and should be unacceptable. At the urging of the state republican party, they took the images down, but have yet to apologize.

Can all of you on my FL who think something like this is completely unacceptable and deserving of a public apology please head over and sign this petition?

I want to get to a significant number of signatures and then I'm going to call the bastards and demand they issue a public apology. If you could also spread this, that would be great.

Whoever you're voting for, this is disgusting behavior and has no place in American society, especially on the official website for a local branch of a political party!

If you want to read one of the many articles about this, here's a good one.

Thanks guys. Sorry for the shameless petition plug, but I really want to show these guys that this sort of behavior will NOT be tolerated.


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